How to make your own scrying mirror
You can buy a picture frame from anywhere (aka the 99c store) to use as a scrying mirror. Some people say to use a round or oblong shape but screw them, you do what you want. Pick anything you think looks pretty, but make sure that it’s glass in there and not plastic.
Then you wanna clean the glass real good with windex or a vinegar and water mixture. Whatever your deal is.
Next you take some black paint (you can use gloss or matte, it’s your party) and paint it on thick on the back of the glass. When it dries, pop it back in the frame with the painted part on the inside.
Voila et voici et allonz-y, you now have a scrying mirror.


…………….sweet dreams  ♥  :)

Sea Urchins

Apeeling paint by steverichard on Flickr.

valscrapbook: Clay sketching by clayplant on Flickr.